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Styling . . .

I love taking candid shots as well as interesting portraits. I love creative, artistic shots that really shows off a person's (or family's) personality. When choosing what to wear, pick something that you are comfortable in and simply shows off who you are. Whether it be formal, with everyone in the family, coordinating, or funky, with a non-matching style. Just dress YOU!

I love a variety of settings for my pictures. Local parks, downtown, and rural settings are beautiful, simple backdrops. Of course we can meet wherever is special to you, or if you feel there's a neat setting where you'd like to be photographed.

What to Expect . . .

I've worked with children a LOT! I believe the best strategy to photographing anyone (regardless of age), is to be warm, genuine, and easy to talk to. I want you to feel incredibly comfortable, and the most important thing to me is that there's ZERO pressure to "perform!" I'm just snapping the camera while you hang out. That's my philosophy!
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